Are you offering Polish legal services? Here’s how to get more clients in the UK…

Polish legal services

Are you offering Polish legal services? Here’s how to get more clients in the UK…

Polish legal services in the UK have, without a doubt, been booming in the past few years. Since Polish is the second language spoken in the United Kingdom, Polish legal services clients are an important group to attract and target. Is your law firm making the most of the tools available online to attract Polish clients in the UK?

Promoting Polish legal services: the basics

If you want to attract Polish-speaking clients in the UK, hiring a Polish paralegal or a lawyer is a must. Polish legal services clients are much more likely to trust your services if there’s a specialist on board. Plus, there are significant differences between the legal provisions in Poland and in the UK so you’re more likely to provide better advice with a Polish lawyer in your company.

Plus, to provide Polish legal services, you should make good contacts with Polish translators and interpreters in the UK. Their help will be invaluable when comes to medico-legal appointments or translating your client communication.

Finally, you should get a website in Polish to make sure that your Polish legal services offer reaches Polish speaking clients. Just a landing page may not be enough; a fully-translated website will make your offer much more effective.

Promoting Polish legal services: beyond the basics

Having a website is just the first step. Your Polish legal services clients also have to be able to find you. Here’s how a content marketing strategy can help you:

  • Articles, news, blog posts – writing articles and blog posts on your own website concerning the most interesting and applicable legal provisions would attract clients for your Polish legal services.
  • Infographics – visually appealing information about legal provisions, for example what to do in case of a personal injury claim is something that your potential clients could engage with and share.
  • Reports – summaries of research projects, for example on access to legal services in the UK, or on specific cases related to the Polish legal services.
  • Emails and newsletters – preparing newsletter messages for automated and mass-distributed bulletins containing interesting legal tips for your Polish clients. This should follow a careful segmentation process to ensure your audience is well-targeted.
  • Press releases – usually concerning important events taking place within the business, for example you could let your Polish legal services clients know about a new service you’re offering.
  • Guides and manuals – publications containing tips and best practices for your Polish legal services clients, for example concerning self-assessment and tax returns.
  • Videos – videos are increasingly gaining popularity as marketing tools. Imagine how much you could achieve by recording and publishing video tips for your Polish clients.
  • Case studies – within content marketing, case studies present real cases of how your services worked and has helped somebody else, as a result increasing credibility and reliability of your brand.
  • Webinars – brands more and more often use live webinars to promote their offers. You may want to prepare a suitable presentation or even present a webinar to your Polish-speaking clients.
  • Social media updates – with a well-managed Facebook page and a Twitter account, you can reach out to more Polish-speaking audiences.

Promoting Polish legal services: why is it important?

Promoting your offer online can help you build your image as an expert, as well as generate more leads, that is clients interested in Polish legal services. The Polish are used to buying online, so you can be certain that your online strategy will bring success.

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