Are you missing out on 83% of your customers?

I asked over 1,000 Polish speaking buyers and 83 per cent of them were more likely to buy a product or service accompanied by my content. Over a third were prepared to pay more for it, other things being equal. How much could you gain by hiring me to create your Polish content?

I translate and write texts with the right impact that help businesses attract more Polish speaking clients. By combining linguistic knowledge with a business background, I will help you sell more to Polish customers in Poland and abroad.


Content in Polish

Do you need an article, blog, report, catalogue or a social media update in Polish? Are you looking for newsletter or email marketing content to boost your conversion rates in Poland? I can help you with your content in Polish.

Polish communication

Would you like to reach out to a larger Polish population living abroad? You have an interesting product or service but don't know how to tap into this market? I can work with you on designing your communication to target the Polish community.

Translation with Polish

Do you need creative translation of marketing texts, product descriptions and slogans for your offer? Or a translation of a contract into Polish? I can help you grow through professional translation services with Polish.

Communication SERVICES


Criminal and civil law cases, evidence, contracts and agreements translated into or out of Polish with or without certification.


Websites and e-commerce, content marketing, presentations, blogs, as well as internal company policies and procedures translated into Polish.


Effective translation for technology startups to attract investors and build a user base abroad.


Creating content and writing marketing materials to reach out to Polish customers for law firms in the UK.


Persuasive content that will convince the target Polish market to buy products and services whether used online or offline.


Copywriting for innovative products, applications and websites that want to be noticed in the English speaking world.

  • Effective content in Polish

Can I help you and your business?

Every business has different needs and you’re looking for someone who you can trust to be the best match for your particular situation. Select the profile that fits you best below to see how I can help you.

I work in law

If you’re a lawyer working in the United Kingdom, it is quite likely that you often have to deal with cases involving Polish nationals, either regarding insurance claims, criminal law or family cases. You may find that it’s not only the language barrier that causes problems. Your Polish clients come from a different legal system, and sometimes their lack of familiarity with certain inherently English legal concepts frustrates both sides. And when using a foreign language, often you quite simply can’t tell if you’re really making your point.

On the other hand, if you specialise in contract law, you may be working on a big international contract for one of your clients who decided to offshore to Poland. This contract has been really tricky and time-consuming, and now you also need it in Polish.

The translation services I provide between Polish and English are more than just words. I’m fully aware of the differences between the English and Polish legal systems and I know which concepts may cause confusion. With me, you’ll get a confidential, secure and responsible translation service, while your client will close the deal with peace of mind. You’ll add another satisfied client to your portfolio; so will I.

Oh and by the way, if you’d like to attract more Polish speaking clients to your firm, I can help with designing communication and creating persuasive copy that will bring more Polish clients.

My business would like to enter the Polish market

If you’re a business person, you must have looked at the opportunities offered by Poland in recent years. A number of international reports outline the reasons why more and more businesses trade with Polish companies. You may find a cost-effective supplier in Poland or even a profitable client. You’ve got the business side of it right; now you just need to talk to them to get a good deal.

You know how much communication matters when it comes to business, and we’re not just talking about speaking the same language. You know how important some things are: gestures, little gifts and the all-important question of whose hand to shake first. This is when uncertainty comes in; you’re faced with not only a different language, but also a business culture you don’t know much about. And why should you? You would be better off consulting a reliable, professional and business-minded Polish and English translator who has the required linguistic, cultural and business knowledge. I will help you face-to-face with my interpreting and intercultural business knowledge, as well as with the translation needs of your business by translating your presentation and company profile to start with. And if the idea takes off, I can also translate your website.

With me, you can concentrate on winning the client and landing a good contract, while I make sure your best interests are not lost in translation. Just think about where this translation could take your business.

I would like to promote a product to the Polish audience

Exciting times for your company. You’ve just launched your new offer and it’s taking off the ground. With the economy booming and income soaring, Poland is the right market to enter. A number of international reports outline the reasons why more and more businesses trade with Polish companies and sell to Polish clients. But being a seasoned business person, you know that having a good product is only half the battle. The really challenging part is making sure that this product is localised (linguistically and culturally) to the target market, and that it sells well.

You certainly have a good content marketing strategy already in place in other countries and markets. You know how successful your content marketing efforts are. But you also know that content is only effective if it’s tailored to the audience. Now you’re facing a new market where you know content marketing will help. The only problem is, it can’t be the same content.

If you need effective content in Polish to target the Polish market, this is something I can certainly help you with. With me, you’ll get professional, quality and effective content in Polish that will help you sell your product to millions of customers in Poland, both in B2B and B2C. Wondering how content in Polish could help you? Take a look at this article.

I would like to grow my business in Poland

You have a great offer and you’re thinking of growing business in Poland.

Poland is an interesting country and you want to be there before your competitors seize the market. But you don’t know much about the country, the people, the culture, and the economic climate. You’d really need some research, a report and a good strategy of how to make the most of this opportunity. The problem is that you don’t have the people within your organisation to do it.

I’ll be able to help. If you need some research in Poland, I can use my resources to prepare a competitor report, or a market report within your industry and in relation to your offering. Based on this report, I can also consult you on choosing the right growth strategy to develop your organisation in Poland. Further, I can put you in touch with the right people to make it all happen.

Through my content, growth and translation services in Polish, you’ll quickly start noticing a change. No wonder why, since research shows that 83% of visitors are more likely to buy from you if I provide content. Don’t you want to see how I can make your results exceed everybody’s expectations? Let’s arrange our first call, it’s on me. Let’s see how we can get started in growing business in Poland.

I have my own startup

You’re working so hard on getting your idea off the ground. You need users, downloads, and… investors. It can be tricky to get your seed or first round, never mind attracting the attention of VCs or angel investors. You have a great product, but you don’t have time to craft good communication materials to reach out to your audience.

I can help you aim higher by creating marketing materials, slide deck content and prepare for calls with investors. My translation and tech communication services will help you launch worldwide!


Projects delivered


Awards won


Years in business


Cups of coffee


  1. Discussion

    To establish the requirements and goals of the project.

  2. Questionnaire

    To understand your product, values and target customers before the project begins.

  3. Research

    To find the best tone of voice, keeping an eye on what your customers and competitors are up to.

  4. First draft

    To show you the output of the project with the opportunity to review it.

  5. Delivery

    To sign off your texts and make them ready to work for your business.

About Me

Marta Stelmaszak
Specialist in Polish English communication
My name is Marta Stelmaszak and I’m passionate about helping businesses succeed in Poland online. I use my language skills… Read More

My Skills



Qualified and experienced translator.


Business language

Distinct style in business texts.


Tech communication

Bridging technology with the market.


Legal systems

Trained in Polish and British legal systems.



Trained and experienced in copywriting.


Language skills

Fluent in Polish and English.



£90/1000 w.




£45/per hour

Translation projects

Legal and business


Let’s say you have a contract and you’d like to translate it into Polish. First, send the document to me for a detailed quotation, which you’ll usually receive in two to three hours. Based on my experience, I can calculate how much time it will take me to research terminology, translate and proofread your contract. My fees for translation with internal proofreading start at £90 per 1,000 words. To give you an idea, an 11-page sale contract would cost between £400 and £500, and localisation of a simple website with 4,000 words would start at £700.

  • You can pay in £, €, zł and $
  • Wire transfers, PayPal and UK cheques
  • Minimum translation fee £50
  • UK VAT registered
  • Certified translation available
  • Urgent delivery possible
  • Additional services available

Copywriting projects

For law and business


Get in touch to describe your needs when comes to content in Polish and we’ll book our first call to iron out the details. It’s on me and you have no obligations to go ahead with your request, but I’m pretty sure you’ll find it just right for your company. I'll ask you to fill in a short questionnaire, and then proceed to do customer and competitor research do deliver your text.

  • Website text to engage the Polish audience
  • Reports, white papers and articles
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Press releases
  • One round of revisions included

Communication services

For businesses and startups


If you would like to communicate with your Polish speaking clients and prospects successfully, you need to reach out through a variety of channels with a good message. I can help you narrow down who to target your campaign at, design the right communication tools and work on implementing the campaign.

  • Email and newsletter: campaigns in Polish
  • Social media accounts: publish updates in Polish
  • Webinars and presentations
  • Videos and voice overs


"Marta is an excellent Polish translator. Highly recommended!"

Benjamin Zadik, Copywriter and Translator in San Francisco

"Marta translated our website and sales letter for our upcoming marketing campaign on the Polish market. She's a reliable and creative professional and I'm sure our campaign will bring great results."

Jamie Hughes, Managing Director

"Marta is a very reliable and experienced linguist - one of the best!"

Francesca Botto, Translation Project Manager at Sure Languages and LawTrans

"Only the very best translators manage to pass our test procedure, people like Marta, who exceed all expectations. You have good translators, you have great translators and then you have people like Marta who add that little extra. Marta's not only an exceptional translator, a great communicator, available and punctual, she's a nice person, too."

Stef Van De Gehuchte, Sales & Marketing @ Blue Lines

"Marta is a reliable, efficient translator and it's an absolute pleasure to work with her. She's very responsive and always meets the deadlines."

Amara Trnovac, Language Coordinator at Adstream

"It is always a pleasure to work with Marta. She provides quality translations, she always meets the deadlines and cooperates with the Project Managers in a very efficient way."

Marianna Dize, Translation Project Manager at Xerox

"I used Marta’s translation services recently and was very impressed with her professional approach. The translation was of a very high quality. Marta dealt with my bespoke requirements quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended. Thank you."

Anna Barabasz, Operations Team Manager at BT Conferencing

"Marta is clearly an expert translator but she brings more to the work. She shows genuine empathy and quickly built a rapport with the client. Both I and the solicitor we met with for the client conference felt that we would be happy to engage Marta's services in the future. Highly recommended."

Zoe Van Dyke, RO at UNISON

"Marta has provided me with Polish-English translations on various occasions and working with her has always been a very positive experience. She is highly responsive, answering queries immediately, and also offers great after-sales service. She's professional, reliable, flexible and, above all, a really easy person to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending Marta's translation services."

Samantha Bowles, Head of Language Services Department at Grupo Albión

"Marta was the translator for a study visit in London organised by the European Advisors Institute. She translated every sentence efficiently and has clearly got great linguistics skills. Her work was at excellent standards and I recommend her as a Polish/ English interpreter."

Kine Nordstokka, Partnerships and Programme Coordinator at Social Innovation Exchange (SIX)

"Marta is a talented translator and editor. Her work adheres to the highest levels of proficiency, creativity and quality. I'd recommend her for all her endeavours."

Tariq Ghali, Communications Consultant

"Pani Marta Stelmaszak wykonywała dla mnie szereg tłumaczeń o charakterze biznesowo - logistycznym. Każde z nich wykonane było szybko w profesjonalny i rzetelny sposób. Pani Marta wykazała się niesamowitą starannością oraz dociekliwością m.in. zadając pytania mające na celu poprawę oraz lepsze doprecyzowanie przesłanych przeze mnie materiałów. Dzięki tym tłumaczeniom pozyskałem nowych partnerów biznesowych, a moi dotychczasowi kontrahenci lepiej zrozumieli moje oczekiwania. Tłumaczenia te każdego dnia pomagają mi w osiąganiu zamierzonych celów biznesowych. Mogę polecić Panią Martę Stelmaszak jako sprawdzoną godną zaufania osobę, firmę."

Paweł Czołnik, Transport and logistics specialist


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