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Don't just translate words:
to sell, translate your clients' needs.

A 10-step guide to online marketing in Poland

Polish English marketing translation

I’ve always been captivated by the ability of language to convince people to buy certain products or services more than others. Getting the right wording in an ad or a presentation is essential – but so is knowing your audience. My marketing translation services between Polish and English include all you need to market successfully.

You have a great product, which you want to sell in Poland – and rightly so! With the economy booming and income soaring, Poland is the right market to enter. But being a seasoned business person, you know that having a good product is only half the battle. The really challenging part is making sure that this product is localised (linguistically and culturally) to the target market. The biggest thinkers in business agree that culture and language are important factors.

But you can’t know everything about every potential market, and it wouldn’t make much business sense to learn that. Instead, get a creative, marketing-savvy and culturally trained translator who will help you transcreate your marketing message to fit the Polish market.

As a result, you’ll have a localised product with excellent marketing and thus be able to reach your sales goals. I can certainly help you with that, and your potential new customers have already voted for my translations. I asked over 1,000 buyers and 83 per cent of them were more likely to buy a product or service accompanied by my translation. Over a third were prepared to pay more for it, other things being equal. How much could you gain by hiring me to do your marketing translations between Polish and English?

Why I am suitable for the job

  • Experience in marketing
  • Training in marketing
  • Chartered Institute of Marketing
  • Trained copywriter
  • SEO and online marketing
  • Teaming up with marketers and designers


Marketing translation

  • Brochures, leaflets, websites
  • Press releases, white papers
  • Product pitches and presentations

Areas of particular experience

  • Software, IT and e-business marketing
  • Luxury and high-end goods marketing
  • Information services marketing

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Each assignment is unique and requires a thorough analysis before I provide a quote. If you send your file to me, you can be sure I’m going to treat it with confidentiality and respect your privacy. I abide by three strict codes of conduct and conform with the Information Commissioner’s Office regulations.


Marta provided innovative and engaging content for our online conference for fre...
Marta provided innovative and engaging content for our online conference for freelance translators. Marta took a different angle to usual similar presentations. Our audience were delighted and I would happily work with Marta again.

Jonathan Senior,

Chief Executive at Sharp End Training & multiple Virtual Training Director

I used Marta’s translation services recently and was very impressed with her p...
I used Marta’s translation services recently and was very impressed with her professional approach. The translation was of a very high quality. Marta dealt with my bespoke requirements quickly and efficiently. Highly recommended. Thank you.

Anna Barabasz,

Operations Team Manager at BT Conferencing

Marta has provided me with Polish-English translations on various occasions and ...
Marta has provided me with Polish-English translations on various occasions and working with her has always been a very positive experience. She is highly responsive, answering queries immediately, and also offers great after-sales service. She's professional, reliable, flexible and, above all, a really easy person to work with. I also recently had the pleasure of hearing Marta speak at an industry event in Madrid. At the beginning of her presentation she promised the audience we'd leave the room inspired; I know I did. She's a great communicator and her passion for what she does - and how she does it - is contagious. I have no hesitation in recommending Marta's translation services, and anyone who gets a chance to hear her speak should grab it with both hands, she has a huge amount of great advice to offer.

Samantha Bowles,

Head of Language Services Department at Grupo Albión

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you qualified to do marketing translation?

I’ve gained thorough understanding of marketing through a number of courses related to particular areas of marketing (such as strategy, copywriting and SEO). I’m also a member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. My marketing texts work and convince people to buy.

What’s so different about marketing translation?

Marketing translation is different from translating in other areas because of the primary aim of the texts: they have to sell to your target audience. Selling doesn’t work the same way across cultures. Apart from the ability to creatively translate the text, a good marketing translator has to have knowledge about the target culture and techniques of persuasion.

What is localisation?

Localisation has two meanings; that’s why it might seem so confusing. One meaning defines localisation as the translation of websites or software, which by definition involves a bit of technology. In its other meaning, localisation is seen as adapting the document to the target audience in terms of non-textual elements, such as layout, colours or images. I can help you with both!

What is transcreation?

Transcreation is a very apt name to reflect the relationship between translation and copywriting. Rather than being translated, all creative and marketing texts, should be transcreated with the same amount of creativity and ingenuity as was used to create them in the source language. For example, a slogan with a pun that works well for an English-speaking audience will require substantial transcreation to ensure the same effect on Polish readers.

Do you do DTP?

I offer desktop publishing as an additional service to my translation services between Polish and English. I work with Adobe Creative Suite , which means I can help you prepare translated documents ready to print.

Do you offer editing or proofreading?

I offer editing and proofreading services for publication purposes. Within larger projects, I also proofread the work of others.

What additional services do you offer?

Apart from translation and interpreting between Polish and English, I offer DTP, SEO, terminology and glossary management services, and market research.

Why should I invest in translation?

Translation gives you access to opportunities, both in your personal and business life, which would otherwise be outside of your reach. Translation means communication, and communication always brings opportunities. If implemented well – and this is where I can advise you – your Polish and English translations will quickly pay off and the results will exceed your expectations.