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What, how and why do the Polish buy online?

The impact of the Internet on the Polish economy has, without a doubt, been one of the major forces shaping the current trends. In the recent years, the Polish have been spending more and more time online, and have grown increasingly interested in online shopping. I’ve had a look at an interesting infographic and prepared [...]

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Testing Google Translate app with Financial Times

Together with Ravi Mattu from Financial Times and Berhnard Niesner from Busuu we tested the new updated Google Translate app in London. Here are our results! I got to record the video thanks to the Chartered Institute of Linguists. Here’s my full take on the issue. This app is helpful when comes to basic expressions [...]

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Polish Economic Forum at the LSE

On Saturday the 1st of March, the Polish Business Society at the LSE hosted the third Polish Economic Forum with an excellent line-up of speakers. Attracting over 500 delegates on this occasion, the Forum has became the largest conference about the Polish economy held outside Poland.

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Blogs and articles about Poland and Polish economy worth following

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been looking for English-language blogs about Poland, business and the Polish economy. I was hoping to find a decent number of resources and the good news is that in fact there is a handsome collection of reputable sources out there. The biggest slice of English-language blogs that have [...]

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Is there a direct impact between the quality of translation and your sales?

In 2013, I decided to measure how effective translation can be and what the direct impacts are of the quality of translation on sales and profit. I took two short samples of existing texts translated into Polish. Take a look at the results! Have you ever experienced any situations in which you felt bad translation [...]

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Thinking about doing business in Poland? These organisations will help

Doing business in a foreign country, especially if you don’t live there and you’ll be managing the relationship from abroad, may seem like a big challenge. I remember that when I first moved to the United Kingdom, I felt clueless about setting up a company, taxes, or the market in general. However, there’s plenty of [...]

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10 English language reports on doing business in Poland you have to know

While browsing resources for businesses and investors thinking about expanding to Poland, I came across a range of useful publications and reports. In this post I provide an overview of the most recent publications, with particular attention to what is being said about language and proficiency in English. Click on the title to open the [...]

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