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Polish and English business translation

I’m passionate about small and medium-sized businesses and the people behind them. I use my language skills in Polish and English combined with a thorough understanding of economics and business to help SMEs make as big an international impact as possible. My clients value quality, integrity and a personal approach.

If you’re a business person, you must have looked at the opportunities offered by Poland in recent years. A number of international reports outline the reasons why more and more businesses trade with Polish companies. You may find a cost-effective supplier in Poland or even a profitable client. You’ve got the business side of it right; now you just need to talk to them to get a good deal.

You know how much communication matters when it comes to business, and we’re not just talking about speaking the same language. You know how important some things are: gestures, little gifts and the all-important question of whose hand to shake first. This is when uncertainty comes in; you’re faced with not only a different language, but also a business culture you don’t know much about. And why should you? You would be better off consulting a reliable, professional and business-minded Polish and English translator and interpreter who has the required linguistic, cultural and business knowledge. I will help you face-to-face with my interpreting and intercultural business knowledge, as well as with the translation needs of your business by translating your presentation and company profile to start with. And if the idea takes off, I can also translate your website.

With me, you can concentrate on winning the client and landing a good contract, while I make sure your best interests are not lost in translation. Just think about where this translation could take your business.

Why I am suitable for the job.

  • Business experience
  • Passionate entrepreneur
  • Management education at LSE
  • Business mentoring qualification
  • Interest in social entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge of business culture


Business translation

  • Employee handbooks
  • Internal and external policies
  • Training materials
  • Websites and e-commerce

Business interpreting

  • Business presentations and pitches
  • Training sessions
  • Negotiations
  • International visits

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Each assignment is unique and requires a thorough analysis before I provide a quote. If you send your file to me, you can be sure I’m going to treat it with confidentiality and respect your privacy. I abide by three strict codes of conduct and conform with the Information Commissioner’s Office regulations.


Pani Marta Stelmaszak wykonywała dla mnie szereg tłumaczeń o charakterze bizn...
Pani Marta Stelmaszak wykonywała dla mnie szereg tłumaczeń o charakterze biznesowo - logistycznym. Każde z nich wykonane było szybko w profesjonalny i rzetelny sposób. Pani Marta wykazała się niesamowitą starannością oraz dociekliwością zadając pytania mające na celu poprawę oraz lepsze doprecyzowanie przesłanych przeze mnie materiałów. Dzięki tym tłumaczeniom pozyskałem nowych partnerów biznesowych, a moi dotychczasowi kontrahenci lepiej zrozumieli moje oczekiwania. Tłumaczenia te każdego dnia pomagają mi w osiąganiu zamierzonych celów biznesowych. Mogę polecić Panią Martę Stelmaszak jako sprawdzoną godną zaufania osobę, firmę.

Paweł Czołnik,

Transport and logistics specialist

Marta provided innovative and engaging content for our online conference for fre...
Marta provided innovative and engaging content for our online conference for freelance translators. Marta took a different angle to usual similar presentations. Our audience were delighted and I would happily work with Marta again.

Jonathan Senior,

Chief Executive at Sharp End Training & multiple Virtual Training Director

Marta was the translator for a study visit in London organised by the European A...
Marta was the translator for a study visit in London organised by the European Advisors Institute. She translated every sentence efficiently and has clearly got great linguistics skills. Her work was at excellent standards and I recommend her as a Polish/ English interpreter.

Kine Nordstokka,

Partnerships and Programme Coordinator at Social Innovation Exchange (SIX)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose you?

If you value quality, integrity and a caring attitude, you’ll most probably find that I run my business according to the same principles. This applies not only to the translation and interpreting assignments that I’m going to work on for you, but all of the aspects of our cooperation.

What is translation?

I could spend hours and hours talking about what translation is. In a nutshell, it’s recreating your message in another language – in my case from Polish to English or from English to Polish. It’s more than just replacing the words. It’s more like reconstructing what you mean to express for another culture, another mentality and another communicative situation.

What is interpreting?

Interpreting is the oral rendering of a message between two languages. In other words, it applies to the spoken language. There are different forms of interpreting. When the interpreting takes place at the same time as the speaker is talking, it is called simultaneous interpreting. If the rendering happens after the speaker has delivered five to ten minutes of the speech, it is called consecutive interpreting. Business interpreting, also called liaison interpreting, is more dialogic and relies on frequent turn-taking. Telephone interpreting takes place over the phone. I can help you with all varieties of interpreting.

I got cheaper quotes. Why are your prices so high?

As in any profession, you pay for the quality and expertise you’re getting. Others may be charging less because they don’t emphasise high quality or they don’t have the expert knowledge. Because I’ve devoted my life to translating and interpreting law, business and marketing between Polish and English, I believe that my level of expertise justifies the price. And this will no doubt be reflected in your satisfaction with my services.

Is it a good investment?

If you’re looking into reaching out to Polish clients or Polish employees, investing in translation or interpreting between Polish and English will pay off. I’m happy to assess your particular situation and discuss it with you in person or via Skype. Just drop me a line!

Why should I invest in translation?

Translation gives you access to opportunities, both in your personal and business life, which would otherwise be outside of your reach. Translation means communication, and communication always brings opportunities. If implemented well – and this is where I can advise you – your Polish and English translations will quickly pay off and the results will exceed your expectations.