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Polish and English legal translation

I’m fascinated by the language that changes reality, and legal language has enormous powers to change lives. I want to make sure that it always works right. Because so much is at stake when dealing with legal language, I have to be very precise and research terminology. I translate the law between Polish and English.

If you’re a lawyer working in the United Kingdom, it is quite likely that you often have to deal with cases involving Polish nationals, either regarding insurance claims, criminal law or family cases. On many occasions, your client’s English is rather limited. But you may find that it’s not only the language barrier that causes problems. Your Polish clients come from a different legal system, and sometimes their lack of familiarity with certain inherently English legal concepts frustrates both sides. And when speaking a foreign language, often you quite simply can’t tell if you’re really making your point.

The translation and interpreting services I provide between Polish and English are more than just words. I’m fully aware of the differences between the English and Polish legal systems and I know which concepts may cause confusion. When interpreting for you and your client, I will always ensure that they understand what’s happening, all the while saving you from uncertainty. With my help, you’re likely to get the instructions right and win the case to your client’s satisfaction.

On the other hand, if you specialise in contract law, you may be working on a big international contract for one of your clients who decided to offshore to Poland. This contract has been really tricky and time-consuming, and now you also need it in Polish. With me, you’ll get a confidential, secure and responsible translation service, while your client will close the deal with peace of mind. You’ll add another satisfied client to your portfolio; so will I.

Why I am suitable for the job.

  • Experience in legal translation
  • Knowledge of both legal systems
  • Degree in Forensic Linguistics
  • ILEC with distinction
  • Provider of certified translations
  • Professional indemnity insurance


Legal translation

  • Criminal Law: witness statements, summons, cautions, warrants, indictments, sentences, judgments.
  • Contract Law: sale contracts, lease contracts, rental agreements, construction work contracts, sale of shares contracts, supply contracts, confidentiality agreements, maintenance contracts.
  • Family Law: birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, equity and trusts, last wills.
  • Employment Law: employment agreements, insurance policies, patents, annual meetings, certificates and qualifications.

Legal interpreting

  • Interpreting within legal and official context for various public and private clients, as well as during business meetings and conferences.
  • Official: governmental visits to London regarding major sporting events, conferences with barristers.
  • Public Service: Magistrates’ and Crown courts, police, county courts, extradition cases, human rights cases.

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Each assignment is unique and requires a thorough analysis before I provide a quote. If you send your file to me, you can be sure I’m going to treat it with confidentiality and respect your privacy. I abide by three strict codes of conduct and conform with the Information Commissioner’s Office regulations.


Marta is clearly an expert translator but she brings more to the work. She shows...
Marta is clearly an expert translator but she brings more to the work. She shows genuine empathy and quickly built a rapport with the client. Both I and the solicitor we met with for the client conference felt that we would be happy to engage Marta's services in the future. Highly recommended.

Zoe Van Dyke,


Marta proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She always had an effic...
Marta proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. She always had an efficient strategy lined up to make our work go smoothly and was excellent in communicating her ideas. Her work was always outstanding and carried out flawlessly.

Monika Panufnik BA (Hons) DPSI,

Translator/Interpreter/Owner at ITS Translation Services

Marta is a talented translator and editor. Her work adheres to the highest level...
Marta is a talented translator and editor. Her work adheres to the highest levels of proficiency, creativity and quality. I'd recommend her for all her endeavours.

Tariq Ghali,

Communications Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you qualified to do legal translation?

Yes. I am familiar with both legal systems and my knowledge of legal translation and interpreting was tested in the course of the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting in English law. I’m also currently studying Forensic Linguistics, the study of legal language, at a British university. I have also passed the International Legal English Certificate with distinction.

What are the main differences between the English and Polish legal systems?

The English legal system is predominantly based on cases and precedents, while the Polish system is a Roman legal system. There are many codes and acts that reflect the legal provisions.

Do you do certified translation?

Yes. If you need a certified Polish or English translation to present to official UK authorities, I can do that for you. Certified translation usually requires posting the translation to your address with my stamp and signature on each page of the document. If you require a Polish sworn translation to present your document to the Polish authorities in Poland, I can arrange for a colleague registered with a court in Poland to provide this service.

Do you translate into English?

I translate both out of Polish into English and out of English into Polish. My work is always edited and proofread by a native speaker. In terms of translation into English, I always have to look at the text first to assess if I have the required level of linguistic ability and flexibility to deal with the task.

Do you translate for the UK authorities?

Yes. I can translate texts to be presented to the UK authorities, including courts and the Home Office. Such documents require a Certificate of Translation, and this is certainly a service I can provide.

Can you handle big documents?

My daily capacity is around 2,500 words and most of the time I’m booked a week in advance. If your documents are large or you need them more urgently, I can organise a team to help me translate your document. However, I will remain responsible for the ultimate quality.

How do you ensure quality?

To ensure high quality, I’m striving to meet the requirements of the EN-15038 European Quality Standard for Translation Services. In particular, I follow a strict 19-step quality assurance process and apply it to every translation I undertake. This involves my translations being revised by another translator, unless specifically requested otherwise. Each project is checked against a quality assurance checklist.

In addition, I’ve voluntarily joined the Quality in Translation campaign, which means that: I always strive for the best translation; I only accept assignments that allow me to do that; I decline assignments at prices that undercut this goal; I only work with professional translators, proofreaders and editors; I engage in ongoing training.

How do you ensure confidentiality?

Your confidentiality is protected by a set of terms and conditions I’m obliged to abide by. My business is also regulated by three codes of conduct, which place great emphasis on ensuring confidentiality. In practice, I have tight control over where your files are stored and who sees them.

I received a cheaper quote from somebody else. Why are your prices so high?

As in any profession, you pay for the quality and expertise you’re getting. Others may be charging less because they don’t emphasise high quality or they don’t have the expert knowledge. Because I’ve devoted my life to translating and interpreting law, business and marketing between Polish and English, I believe that my level of expertise justifies the price. And this will no doubt be reflected in your satisfaction with my services.