Social media in Poland: what’s the same, what’s different, what’s a waste of time?

social media in Poland

Social media in Poland: what’s the same, what’s different, what’s a waste of time?

Social media in Poland are increasingly popular, especially since local platforms such as Nasza Klasa (Polish Facebook) or Blip (Polish Twitter) are slowly losing members. However, there are many significant differences between how social media are used in Western Europe and how you may want to use these social media in Poland.

Let’s look at how businesses are exploring social media in Poland to their benefit, as investigated in a report by

Social media in Poland: Facebook fanpages

Polish fanpages on Facebook have received good notes. If you want to attract Polish audiences through a Facebook page, you have to produce high-quality, engaging content. Make sure your page is interactive and provides interesting bits of information. It’s your brand who’s mostly responsible for content, so don’t rely too much on user-generated content in Poland – it’s still developing. There are more and more likes on Facebook, but the real challenge is to keep the audience engaged. Make sure your Facebook profile is consistent with the whole brand image, as this sometimes still is a problem for Polish companies online.

Social media in Poland: Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising is definitely the way to go in Poland. It allows you to target your content very well and therefore reach out to the right group of Polish prospects. Facebook ads still aren’t as wide-spread in Poland as in other European countries, so you can have an edge there.

Social media in Poland: Twitter

Twitter is mostly used by politicians and celebrities in Poland, while marketing specialists hardly ever reach for this tool. In Poland, Twitter isn’t primarily seen as a medium suitable for marketing, it’s much more about sharing thoughts and opinions, even considered to be reserved for the elites. If you’re thinking of launching a marketing campaign on Twitter, it may be just a waste of time.

Social media in Poland: LinkedIn

And what about LinkedIn? It’s still not the main business social network in Poland and while you are going to find some interesting contacts there, the Polish older equivalent,, is still far more popular. This is just an example of a regional equivalent that is a better investment than the mainstream platform. You’ll find similar results with Pinterest, for example. Don’t just assume that all platforms are universally popular all over the world – it can cost you lots of wasted time and money!

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