R&D opportunities in Poland. Event at the Polish embassy.

R&D opportunities in Poland

R&D opportunities in Poland. Event at the Polish embassy.

The recent event at the Polish embassy, organised by Trade and Investment Promotion Section of the Polish Embassy in London, British Polish Chamber of Commerce, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and PwC attracted a pool of businesses from both sides: dynamic R&D environments from Poland and eager British investors. Through a series of presentations and a technology showcase, the goal of the event was clear: to show that Poland has a growing R&D potential that shouldn’t be ignored.

As the organisers stated, “This seminar, aimed at UK business, is intended to showcase the breadth and depth of Polish R&D capabilities and innovative technologies across many sectors – aerospace, life sciences, petrochemicals, advanced manufacturing and IT to name but a few. Poland’s national centre for R&D (NCB+R) and inward investment agency PAIiIZ will be on hand to explain the various incentives on offer for UK businesses and investors choosing to set up R&D activities in Poland.”

Both talks, extremely well-researched and grounded in the most recent statistics, explained why Poland is such a good place to invest and why there are so many R&D opportunities in Poland: from governmental grants and EU help to a growing number of engineering graduates and heavy investment in education.

Technology showcase featured:
• Synthetic biology cluster – Puławy Science-Technology Port
• Satellite engineering – Military University of Technology, Warsaw
• Automotive R&D – advanced manufacturing – Katowice Special Economic Zone
• Applied petrochemical technologies cluster – Płock

Without a doubt, a much needed event concluded with a long networking session around R&D opportunities in Poland. If you’re interested to learn more about R&D opportunities in Poland, browse through the collection of tweets from the day.

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