Polish businesses in the UK! Do you want to find more English-speaking clients?

Polish businesses in the UK! Do you want to find more English-speaking clients?

In part 2 of this series, I’m looking at Polish businesses in the UK that are interested in finding more English-speaking clients. Increasingly, more and more Polish businesses in the UK are interested in reaching out and finding clients not only among Polish nationals, but also across other migrant communities, who often communicate speaking English.

Below you’ll find some best practices for Polish businesses in the UK when comes to looking for English-speaking clients online.

Get a multilingual website

Full localisation of your website into English is the first step. Don’t trust automated free translation tools like Google, because they’re still having problems with translating some more complex languages, like Polish. Invest in professional translation and talk to your translator to share your business goals with them.

Create English content

Just a website in English isn’t going to be enough. Make sure you’re regularly creating and posting content of interest to your English-speaking clients. This may not be as easy as translating your Polish blog posts into English.

Use social media in English

Directing your English-speaking potential clients to a social media profile in Polish or with Polish content may not always work. If you’re thinking of attracting English-speaking clients, you should consider setting up language-dependent profiles on selected social media.

Invest in SEO and positioning

You’ll be facing more competition in the English-speaking world because apart from other migrant-established companies, you’ll be also sharing space with English companies. This is why working on your optimisation and positioning will bring the best results. Make sure you don’t just rely on your key phrases simply translated into English. English-speaking clients may be looking for completely different phrases.

Network online

Make the most of many opportunities for online networking. Join LinkedIn and become a member of English-language interest or professional groups. Find fora and directories. English-speaking clients are particularly reliant on networking, recommendations and connections, so make sure to get your name out there.

USP for Polish businesses in the UK

Depending on your industry, you’ll see that Polish businesses in the UK are particularly known for specific characteristics. For example, Polish construction companies are known for their reliability, Polish plumbers are known for their high skills, and Polish removal companies are known for acting fast. Discover your own USP as a Polish business and don’t hesitate to use it in your online marketing.

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