Polish Business Link: linking Polish businesses in the UK

Polish Business Link

Polish Business Link: linking Polish businesses in the UK

As of the 15th of February 2015, I’m a member of Polish Business Link, the first British business network for Polish and British entrepreneurs to help boost businesses in the UK and encourage new British-Polish business ventures.

I’m very excited to be joining PB Link. You can learn more about this dynamic organisation from this great video below:

Since the EU enlargement in 2004, the UK has been an ideal place for thousands of Poles wishing to run their own business. From the start, the British Polish Chamber of Commerce has worked to support Polish entrepreneurs across the UK and has played a significant role in developing the Polish and British economies.

The urgent need to mobilise Polish entrepreneurs operating in the UK led the BPCC to hold regular business seminars on issues vital for developing Polish businesses. Since 2006, the BPCC has held over a dozen business meetings aimed specifically at entrepreneurial Poles. Initially held in London only, these meetings now take place in other parts of the UK.

As the Polish community in the UK showed an enormous interest in issues connected with running a business in the UK, so there appeared the idea of creating a place where their needs could be met: a place where entrepreneurs seeking new business partners, franchisees, distributors, investors or people willing to set up a business in the UK could meet, talk and exchange views. The idea was developed in late 2012, and a portal dedicated to entrepreneurial Poles operating in the British market was starting to take shape. Polish Business Link was launched in August 2013.

PB Link facilitates your business relationships with Polish companies. If you’re interested in learning more about my experience or joining PB Link, get in touch!

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