5 mistakes in content marketing in Poland

content marketing in Poland

5 mistakes in content marketing in Poland

Content marketing in Poland may seem to be a black box for you now. You’re entering a new market, you’re reaching out to a new audience. Even the best content marking specialists may struggle when comes to international strategies. Below you’ll find a summary of elements of good content marketing in Poland and mistakes to avoid.

Content marketing in Poland: mistakes


First, don’t assume that the Polish audience wants exactly the same as your existing targets. Cultural and linguistic differences may be greater than you initially think. Plus, many content marketing specialists simply assume that “Poland” is their audience. Of course, as with your home market, there are different segments and your content marketing strategy has to reflect it.


One of the biggest mistakes when comes to content marketing in Poland is simply publishing content without taking care of engagement. Even if you get your articles translated and you put them up on your Polish Facebook page, without engagement, you’re not going to get too far. You need to make sure that your content creates engagement and that you interact with your Polish audience.


If you don’t know which channel to use, ask a specialist to help you. Don’t just assume that the same channels that work for your home content will work in Poland. For example, you don’t need to pay that much attention to Twitter in Poland – it may even be a waste of time.


While you’re surely paying a lot of attention to your analytics, it’s easy to assume that you’ll get similar results with your Polish content. Don’t resort to shortcuts and keep solid analytics for your Polish content.


While translating your website, landing page and brochures may work, you’ll see that content marketing in Poland works better if it’s created from scratch with the intended audience in mind. This is not to undervalue translation, but as a good marketer you surely know that when the audience feels that content doesn’t really speak to them, they relate less. Translation in this case may be a barrier.

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