Lesson 101: Best business advice blogs for freelancer translators I found around

Lesson 101: Best business advice blogs for freelancer translators I found around

I know that it takes up a lot of time to stay up to date with all blogs and articles written by fellow translators and interpreters. Very often it’s hard enough to cover all of them, not to mention reaching out and reading other useful blogs. This is why I decided to share my collection of resources on business advice – you don’t have to swift through endless websites and portals to find something tailored to a freelance business.

Before I share some of my favourite blogs, I wanted to tell you how I manage to keep up. For me, the key to managing all resources is to access them from one place, a good RSS reader. I’ve given up on email subscriptions and moved entirely to Feedly (Google Reader, you’re still missed!), where I keep separate categories for resources on translation, language, copywriting, business and marketing. It’s very easy to set up and helps me navigate through sources much better. I’ve also set up a few Google Alerts for topics such as translation, bilingualism and Polish economy. By managing sources this way, I find it much more convenient to browse through news and updates and decide what I want to read in detail or share with others.

When comes to business advice, the real problem is that the majority of sources pertain to big companies, SMEs or crazy ninja entrepreneurs on their way to create a 4D printer. I found it quite hard to track information applicable to businesses like yours or mine. So, here it is, my business advice reading list.

  • EnMast – started following recently, I like it for a strong focus on an individual and the importance of leadership in business
  • Freelancer Blog – a large collection of strategies, tips and tutorials
  • The Freelancer, By Contently – slightly more on the tech and design side, good tips for online marketing and social media
  • The Freelancery – written by a real freelancer, very good pieces of advice
  • Work Awesome – useful and quick “5 ways to” articles you can scan in 30 seconds
  • Copyblogger – a useful copywriting tip a day, always something new to tweak your sales letter
  • Freelance Advisor – UK-based portal with freelance advice, including tax and legal issues
  • Freelance Switch – a collection of tips, some of it more technical
    Freelancing Matters – well-researched articles, often offering deeper insight than just tips and tricks (now migrated to tuts+)
  • Guerrilla Freelancing – no-nonsense articles, often about payments, expenses and money
  • Freelancers’ Union – interesting and quick articles, many polls regarding how freelancers work

And of course, I want to know yours! Share in comments below.


  1. Manzoor Husain , on Jul 3, 2015 at 04:19 Reply

    Hi,I am a Bangladeshi freelance programmer. I maily work on php, mysql, jQuery and recently started iOS. Freelancing business is getting very competitive these days. Is that a good decision to be a freelancer.
    Do you know in which sector of freelancing will do well in 2015, mainly programming.

    • Marta Stelmaszak , on Jul 17, 2015 at 07:33 Reply

      Hi, Manzoor. I think localisation and most of IT are good areas. If you need more advice, you can always connect via LinkedIn or drop me a line on email here via this blog 🙂

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