Lesson 103: Free e-books for translators – on business, marketing and management

Lesson 103: Free e-books for translators – on business, marketing and management

This time I’d like to share some of my favourite and most useful free e-books for translators I found online. Some of them require an e-mail sign-up to download, but it’s well worth it. Browse through and read my descriptions.

  • Time Management for Creative People – this free e-book is not only for creative people, but I think it’s great for all business owners. I learned how to pioritise and manage my time, including discovering my most creative periods and scheduling work accordingly.
  • Guide to Guerrilla Freelancing – though aimed at freelance designers, this e-book gave me some nice, guerrilla ideas on how to promote my business. After you scroll through the benefits and drawbacks of freelancing, the author reveals some nice tips.
  • How to Plan a Home Office That Works – a nice, perhaps a bit old-school, introduction to what’s needed and necessary in a home office.
  • 10 ways to convert more customers using psychology – light, bite-size pieces of advice that really encouraged me to look at client conversion from another perspective.
  • B2B Marketing Innovation – a collection of tips shared by marketing practitioners. I like it because it brings together expertise from different industries.
  • The Productivity Handbook – though concentrating only on Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail, Stumbleupon, Instagram, Pinterest and Delicious, this e-book offers some good insights into managing an office more efficiently.
  • How to Create a Marketing Strategy That Is Perfect for Your Business – with its own methodology, this e-book gives some interesting ideas on how to develop a strategy for a smaller business.

Short and sweet. Let me know when you’ve had a look at them! What are your favourite and most useful e-books out there?


  1. Irene Acler , on Oct 28, 2014 at 17:41 Reply

    Thanks Marta for sharing these very useful tools. I’m going to read them all and grab all possible tips to help my business grow.

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