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Everything you should know about business principles and the laws of the market in one guide

I’ll put it simply. This book provides you with essential business knowledge to create your own successful translation and interpreting business.

It’s based on my own business and marketing knowledge and the experience I’ve gained in creating a thriving freelance Polish-English translation business in London. I give you all the ingredients you need in black and white, chapter by chapter, milestone by milestone. Learn all the business concepts you need in your career.

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Marta Stelmaszak
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The Business Guide for Translators

Press and reviews


Paula Ribeiro, English-Portuguese Translator

As everything Marta does, her book is a must read! It helped me realise what I am doing right and what I need to change or improve in order to make my business a successful one.

David Miralles Perez, EN - ES Translator and Interpreter

Very clear and straight to the point. We don't really learn most of the topics you talk about at college, which makes it even better for young translators.

Adelina Rossano, English to Italian Translator

I think it is a very valuable tool for anyone interested in the translation industry. It is useful for newcomers but also for translators, like me, that aim to redefine their business.

Charlotte Monnier, Conference interpreter and translator (French | English, Italian)

A book that people had been expecting for years: everyone can read about the economic concepts but no-one ever applied it to translation services.

Paulinho Fonseca, English to Brazilian Portuguese Translator

The book works not only as literature for the area, but it is a guide. This is a very practical material, because it is more than a book as it implies theory, practice, proof as well as orientation.

Alistair Gainey, Independent Translation and Localization Professional

All in all, the Business Guide for Translators is a highly valuable source of information, especially for translators who do not have a background in economics.

Katia De Juan Bayona, Spanish Translator

This book addresses key points that are necessary to understand today's situation of the translation industry and that are essential if we want to have a truly successful career.

Megan Onions, French and German to English translator | proofreader | copywriter

There are very few books that give such detailed, actionable information about running a business in general, let alone apply these insights to translation.

Domenico Trimboli, English to Italian Video Game, Marketing and Forex Translator

The Business Guide for Translators gave me a ton of new ideas about the direction I want my business to take, and I'm really looking forward to implementing them in the near future. Thank you, Marta

Cristina Demurtas, English < > Italian Interpreter/ Translator at Self Employed Interpreter, Translator

I would strongly recommend Marta's book to anyone who wants to switch from "doing translations" to running a translation business. I cannot recommend it enough.

Dr.phil. Tilmann Kleinau, English, French into German translator, specialized in business, marketing, and finance

A rich collection of business theories and hands-on advice - and an invaluable marketing guide!

Karolína Zemánková, Freelance Translator and Interpreter (SK, EN, PT)

Marta has done an excellent job. Each and every page is full of valuable information illustrated by practical and relevant examples.

Rui Sousa, Co-Owner at Mind Words, Professional EN/FR/SP>PT Translator

I definitely recommend her new book The Business Guide for Translators. It's a must-have if you take translation seriously.

Tatjana Dujmic, Freelance English / German translator specializing in business and finance

Marta's book is a great resource not only for beginners but especially for translators/interpreters who have been in business for a while. A very recommendable book for language professionals!

Silvia Barra, Freelance technical translator and chemistry/environment consultant

As usual Marta gets direct to the really useful points. A very interesting and useful reading, both for newbies and already established translators. I really enjoied it!

Maeva Cifuentes, Freelance translator and linguist

Marta explains business concepts in the translator's framework, which is a great help for any freelance translator! I highly recommend it.

Hugues Mantoux, Owner, A4TRADUCTION

Translators are seldom good sales people. Whether you feel you are naturally talented for marketing your own translation services or not, Marta's book is quite useful if you are ready for changes.

Clara Giampietro, English/Spanish-Italian translator for tech and industry

Whether you are a beginner or an established translator, I highly recommend the Business Guide for Translators.It provides useful advice on how to apply each concept in the language industry.

Daniela Helguera, English - Spanish Translator

The perfect book for the beginner and for the established translator. It provides all the business know-how that only Marta can adapt to the linguistic industry. A must-read for all translators alike.

Antonella Barbieri, Translator, Interpreter, Linguistic Mediator for Business Communication

I've purchased Marta's Business Guide for Translators and I have to say I've had a great experience and have learned new things. I highly recommend Marta's book for my colleagues.

Kristina Thew, Translator and Proofreader, DipTransIoLET MCIL

This Guide is full of practical advice, it makes you stop, think and analyse your current situation. She motives you to act and you can refer to this book any time during your career.

Marie-Claire Cruz Schwarz, Translation and Interpreting Student (EN/DE/FR>ES)

This book is great and full of very useful information! I highly recommend it for all newbies in the translation industry and all who want to learn more about freelance marketing.

Valentina Ambrogio, Director of Rockstar Translations

Marta's explanations and tips are thorough, clear and practical. The Business Guide for Translators is really one of a kind. Highly recommended!

Work in progress

For the past year or so, people have been asking me if I planned to write a book. Of course, I’ve been planning to write it for ages, but you know what a freelancer’s lifestyle is like. On the 30th of April 2014, I released the book for pre-order, reversing the publishing process a bit. While I was writing away, many colleagues showed their support by ordering the book. I published it on the 30th of September.

Of course, just like any business, this book is also a constant work in progress. I’m collecting feedback and reviews to make it even better. For example, based on a colleague’s comment, I’m already planning to include real-life examples of how different strategies helped in practice. If you’d like to be part of this ever-developing publication, join us and spread the knowledge.

With many releases and developments planned, you don’t have to worry about accessing newer versions. Once you order the book, you have lifetime access to all future editions.

The book is available both as a digital and printed publication. Once you order it, you’ll receive your digital version straight away and you’ll be taken to a separate page where you can get the printed edition. £32.99 is the price for the digital edition and the printed version, plus the cost of standard delivery. You’ll be taken to two separate pages to order.

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Details of the book

The Business Guide for Translators

This checklist book will be unlike any other book on doing business in the translation industry that you’ve seen so far. I’m going to incorporate the most useful elements of digital publishing together with knowledge in business and economics from top-ranking universities.

  • Hardcore business knowledge
  • Innovative, practical format
  • Immediate applicability to your business

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About the author

Hello. I’m Marta Stelmaszak and I translate law, marketing and business because I want to do my bit in helping small businesses make a difference in the world. And you’re one of them.

Marta Stelmaszak is a Polish – English translator and interpreter specialising in law, IT, marketing, and business. She is a member of the Management Committee of the Interpreting Division at the Chartered Institute of Linguists and a Co-head of the UK Chapter of the International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters. She is also a qualified business mentor, a member of the Institute of Enterprise and Entrepreneurship and the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Marta runs the Business School for Translators, a blog for translators and interpreters with an entrepreneurial angle recently turned into an online course. Marta is active on Twitter and Facebook where she’s sharing information related to the business side of being a translator or interpreter.

The Business Guide for Translators. Your guide to doing business.