# WantWordsTV Episodes

# WantWordsTV Episodes

WantWordsTV Episodes

As some of you might know, I am a naturally introvert person and I really enjoy new challenges. WantWordsTV is a visual accompaniment to my blog, where I can experiment with a visual delivery and maybe even connect with you more. I hope you enjoy the episodes!

WantWords TV 17: How to make the most from your last year at the uni?

WantWords TV 16: Should I put rates on my website?

WantWords TV 15: Is it worth joining professional associations?

WantWords TV 14: What are the advantages of using your own name as a business name?

WantWords TV 13: How to say no without losing a client?

WantWords TV 12: What to put in a translator’s portfolio?

WantWords TV 11: How to get a CV that works?

WantWords TV 10: I think I should charge more. How to raise my rates?

WantWords TV 9: How to write the copy for your freelance translation website?

WantWords TV 8: How to identify and build areas of specialisation?

WantWords TV 7: How much should I charge when starting out?

WantWords TV 6: How to get experience if you’re just starting out?

WantWords TV 5: How important is a business identity and branding?

WantWords TV 4: How to negotiate with a client who doesn’t want to pay the going rate?

WantWords TV 3: How to survive in a saturated market?

WantWords TV 2: How to approach direct clients at trade fairs?

WantWords TV 1: How to market services to direct clients?

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