Lesson 84: A variety of tips and resources to improve copywriting for your translation business

Lesson 84: A variety of tips and resources to improve copywriting for your translation business

In my previous post I argued that copywriting skills are indeed useful if you’re a translator. Apart from simply helping you to write better, good copywriting can improve your marketing. This article is rather different from my other articles because I wanted to show you some of the best resources I found online that can improve copywriting for your translation business. Many tips in these articles can be applied straight away and improve the next email you send to a potential client. Definitely worth taking a look!


In this article, HubSpot explains what the essential copywriting tips for the three most important pages are. I can also recommend this Beginner’s Guide to Website Copywriting, and the Quick Course on Effective Website Copywriting from Smashing Magazine (including a detailed overview of the process of writing great copy). Finally, take a look at how you can improve your home page.


Let’s start with writing better subject lines, followed by some tips on how to develop email marketing copy. Then the essential 37 email marketing tips. You should also go through this very good article from HubSpot.


Having gone through that quite in detail last month, I just wanted to share two most important articles on how to write great brochures. The first one gives you 8 tips to a great brochure, and the second one includes a great range of resources.

Social media

While there are plenty of articles on how to use social media, it’s more difficult to find tips on good social media *writing*. The first article takes a more strategic angle and invites you to reconsider your strategy and align it with copywriting. Copyshoppy gives us some useful and simple tips, and Koozai discusses other issues around social media copywriting.

Business writing

Perhaps the most valuable part of this article for you lies in the following articles on business writing. This is what we’re doing pretty much all the time in our day-to-day professional lives. Start with picture tips from Forbes on how to improve your business writing. Then go through 7 tips from Inc. Harvard Business Review offers some insights, too. On this page you’ll find some very practical tips to change your writing. And finally, take a look at a huge collection of business writing tips here.

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