Customize LinkedIn for the translation business

Customize LinkedIn for the translation business

LinkedIn is the most effective Social Media platform for professionals. Well, I was wondering for some time what makes it so effective, as it clearly didn’t work that amazingly well for me. I started sniffing around and found a quite useful guide how to customize my LinkedIn for the translation business.

Step 1: The summary

Usually, LinkedIn users just copy and paste their resume onto the platform. And whatever is in their CV’s “objective” or “personal profile”, is simply copied into the summary. I fell for that as well. Wrong! Summary is the most important part of a LinkedIn profile: it’s a sales pitch. Most of visitors don’t make it any further than the summary, that’s why instead of telling, we should be selling. “If you get 30 seconds to describe your business to your dream client, what three points will you try to make?”

Step 2: Think first person

CVs and resumes are written for others and usually describe us from a third person perspective. It works with CVs, perhaps. But it doesn’t work with the Social Media, where it’s all about making yourself interesting to others. Writing in first person reduces the e-distance between us. You can feel me better when I write directly to you on my blog, I confirm that I really exist somewhere on the other side of the world. Compare with: The fact that the author writes directly to her readers confirms her existence in the real world. The same difference works on LinkedIn.

Step 3: Get the keywords right

Well, everyone who is online knows how important it is to use keywords (which work pretty much the same as tags on Twitter). I made a list of important keywords for translators. They fall into three categories:
– terms: literary translation, equivalence, PSI, …
– equipment names: Trados, Wordfast, …
– company names: RWS, the big word, Lionbridge, …
“Lionbridge? I worked for them as well!” – another connection added.

Step 4, 5, 6…: Never stop revising

The same is boring. It’s change that attracts viewers. When I was in high school, for 2,5 years I was choosing a specific way home just to see the renovation works done to one of the old houses. I was just curious what will be improved today, tomorrow, the day after. I was quite satisfied to spot these little changes here and there, a touch of paint around windows, few new bricks… And then they finished. I changed my usual way home after 2,5 years, because it was no longer interesting.

Need help with LinkedIn profile? I will gladly share some tips with you! Contact me and I will have a look on your profile as well, to make it score better in the translation industry.


  1. Mahmoud Nasr , on Jul 28, 2011 at 20:41 Reply

    Insightful, i kept asking my self how to make use of these connection, but it was my first and last stop, i did not go further with the sniffing job that you successfully accomplished. But further practical explanation still needed. Thanks

    • Marta Stelmaszak , on Jan 5, 2015 at 00:27 Reply

      I hope the post helped a little. I’m sure you can do it!

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