Is LinkedIn worth the translator’s attention?

Is LinkedIn worth the translator’s attention?

Digging here and there, I have came across some posts on the topic I’m researching now: Linked In. Of course I have a profile, of course I follow groups… But is there more potential in LinkedIn? Is it worth translator’s attention?

Matthew Stibbe (Bad Language) describes 7 ideas on how to enhance your Linked In experience, I will share just three of them as a teaser:

  • Start each day by taking a minute to post an update to your profile. Updates are less critical on LinkedIn than Facebook or Twitter, and you post them with less regularity. But like Facebook and Twitter, you must make sure that anything you post is relevant to your audience.
  • After that, spend a minute responding to any invites in your inbox. If you’re active on LinkedIn, you should have new invites every day.
  • Spend three minutes adding additional contacts. The beauty of LinkedIn is how quickly your network can spread, so take advantage of the ability and feed it every day to quickly see the aggregate, cumulative effect of your efforts.

I’m starting to develop my network and I definitely will follow his advice!

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