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construction trade shows

5 construction trade shows in Poland you can't miss

I don’t know about you, but there is something about the middle of the winter that makes me interested in conferences. Maybe it’s the curiously cosy feeling of learning something new, and maybe it’s the need to spice up the wintry hibernation by meeting new people and familiarising myself with new solutions. Regardless of the reason, here I am –…

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companies in Australia

How is Poland different: companies in Australia

If your business is in Australia (and you, yourself, live there) you probably know that the country boasts a sizeable Polish community, which still mostly uses Polish language at home. I’m also quite sure that you also thought about expansion to foreign markets, Poland included. I have provided basic information about Polish companies in this post, which you are strongly…

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Construction blogs

5 reasons you should never read construction blogs

Lately, I've been reading a lot of construction blogs. It was brought on by a bout of winter madness and I think it’s high time I cheekily warned everyone off them – and give several, hopefully not than compelling, reasons below. A little disclaimer: I've written this article with Homer Simpson firmly in my mind, to be completely honest. I'd like to…

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