Polish Business Society: Polish Economic Forum

Polish Business Society

Polish Business Society: Polish Economic Forum

On Saturday the 1st of March, the Polish Business Society at the LSE hosted the third Polish Economic Forum with an excellent line-up of speakers. Attracting over 500 delegates on this occasion, the Forum has became the largest conference about the Polish economy held outside Poland.

The keynote by Professor Danuta Hübner touched on a very important issue whether Poland is fit for the future. Professor underlined also in her replies to questions that Poland is not making the most of innovation and the country’s potential in new technologies. There, according to her, lies the future. And it’s hard to disagree!

The guest speakers (including the great Professor Iain Begg of LSE European Institute) made speeches concerning Polish economy, finance and business potential and the participants (myself included) had the chance to take part in enlightening workshops utilising business case studies prepared by outstanding organisations: The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), Inglot and Inkubatory.pl.

The Polish Business Society, a student association which aims to serve as a platform linking Polish students in the UK with businesses in Poland, really did outstanding work preparing the conference and the ambience was amazing!

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