Do you run a Polish business in the UK? Here’s 7 tips on how to find clients online…

Do you run a Polish business in the UK? Here’s 7 tips on how to find clients online…

With more and more entrepreneurs starting a Polish business in the UK, this can only be a sign of growth, development and opportunities. Since joining the EU, Poland has been enjoying a steady growth, which is now reflected in Polish businesses all over Europe popping up. The UK is the prime location, with nearly 22,000 Polish businesses and 65,000 self-employed Poles. If you’re one of them, learn how to find more clients online.

In this article, part 1 in the series, we’re concentrating on finding more Polish-speaking clients for your business.

Get a good website for a Polish business in the UK

Polish-speaking visitors and clients are more and more demanding when comes to your website. Long gone are days of having just about anything, a static page, online, that does the job. These days, Polish visitors exposed to top-notch online presence, are expecting the same of your business. Sharing the country of origin with your visitors isn’t enough anymore.

Create content that drives interest

Just setting up a website isn’t working any longer either. If you’re not updating your page with blog posts, news or other content, Google is going to forget about you, and so will your visitors. The key lies in creating engaging content relevant to your Polish-speaking visitors who live in the UK, rather than just any Poles all over the world.

Use social media purposefully

Being on social media, which often means nothing more than setting up a Facebook page and Twitter account, needs thorough planning and good targeting. For example, Facebook allows you to fine-tune your reach, limiting it only to Polish speakers living in London, Manchester or the whole of UK. Promoting your social media profiles to the right audience is key.

Join online directories

As much as your own website is needed, don’t underestimate the importance of joining online directories and groups Many Poles living in the UK trust more official sources, so if they can find your Polish business in the UK in a list of companies in this sector, they’re likely to be more trusting.

Become a member of business associations

Don’t forget to join business associations for Polish businesses in the UK. They have good online presence themselves, plus a pool of followers already, so you can not only verify your reliability in the eyes of your customers, but also benefit from shared audiences.

Engage in online networking

Talk to your Polish-speaking clients and other businesses online. Use LinkedIn for it, or other online fora where you can get your name out there. This is cheaper and quicker than attending live events, and you can reach out to the right people.

Invest in SEO and positioning

To make sure that Google shows your Polish business in the UK to your Polish-speaking audience, you need to make sure that your website is properly optimised and then positioned. For example, researching the right keywords is the first step, but then you need to make sure you’re positioning your company in the right browser – not

If you’re interested in finding more clients online for your Polish business in the UK, get in touch with me at and I’ll get you an exclusive free assessment of your online presence.

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