Blogs and articles about Poland and Polish economy worth following

polish economy

Blogs and articles about Poland and Polish economy worth following

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been looking for English-language blogs about Poland, business and the Polish economy. I was hoping to find a decent number of resources and the good news is that in fact there is a handsome collection of reputable sources out there.

The biggest slice of English-language blogs that have something to do with Poland are related to learning Polish and Polish food. If you’re interested in learning Polish, apparently there are plenty of people out there who are willing to help. When comes to Polish food, you should definitely try it.

Let’s get back to business and Polish economy, though. Here’s a shortlist of blogs I’m reading and subscribed to. A few posts already provided very useful content, so I do recommend taking a look.

Polish economy:1. Warsaw Business Journal


“Warsaw Business Journal is the leading international business publication in Poland. Published in English, it covers all aspects of business, law, real estate, economics and politics in all major cities in Poland.” I do agree that it’s pretty comprehensive and seems to follow a reasonable editorial process. The website offers different sections on news, stocks, real estate and lifestyle. There’s also an interesting tab with blogs. Articles and posts are updated daily.

Polish economy:2. The Economist: Poland

The Economist listed Poland under topics and is dedicated to publishing one article a week, roughly. Though behind the wall of subscription fee, articles are well-researched and insightful, just like you’d expect it from The Economist.

Polish economy:3.

Polish „financial observer” has a sub-section in English with original English-language content written by Polish and foreign experts. It’s a great way to stay updated with the Polish economy. However, on average, you can expect about 4-5 articles a month.

Polish economy:4. Polish Language Blog

A surprisingly high-quality and well-researched blog on the Polish language and culture, Polish Language Blog is definitely worth recommending. If you’re looking for bits of interesting cultural knowledge or you want to surprise your business partner with a few Polish expressions, this blog will help you.

Polish economy:5. The Polish Politics Blog

A blog offering the analysis of the contemporary Polish political scene, authored by Aleks Szczerbiak, Professor of Politics and Contemporary European Studies at the University of Sussex and Co-Director of the Sussex European Institute. An extremely well-researched source, worth following if you want to be on top of the Polish politics.

Polish economy:6. British Polish Chamber of Commerce Blog

With 2-3 articles a month, the BPCC blog offers insights into the British-Polish business and commerce. A good resource to stay on top British-Polish relations.

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