Growing your Polish business like a boss! 5 areas you can’t miss.

growing your Polish business

Growing your Polish business like a boss! 5 areas you can’t miss.

On Friday the 28th of February, Polish Professionals Business Group held yet another networking meeting in its series of Friday networking for Polish business owners. Held strategically in the Polish Cultural Centre POSK near Hammersmith, the event attracted a healthy group of business owners and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries. Apart from exchanging contacts, we were treated to a presentation on growing your Polish business.

The speaker, Jack Brzuz, is a business growth expert based in Rotherham, UK. In his talk, he presented the 5 key areas of growth that help you in growing your Polish business exponentially, not just long one KPI. Captivated audience agreed that growing in five directions makes more sense than just concentrating on one. Jack presented some data, examples and case studies, providing us with useful real-life scenarios, not just business theory.

In the networking session, I managed to speak to Jack and discuss growing your Polish business online, apart from all offline measures. We agreed that the majority of British companies trying to capture Polish clients often miss the point, using the same tools, measures and approaches that work for English-speaking audiences.

Among noteworthy attendees, “Kocham Polskę” foundation deserves a particular mention. With the aim to promote Polish culture and literature to migrant communities abroad, the foundation is working on relevant publications and reaching out to local communities in the UK.

These events are held in Polish, but if you’d like to make the first move to capture the Polish community, they’re worth a look!

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