5 construction trade shows in Poland you can't miss

construction trade shows

5 construction trade shows in Poland you can't miss

I don’t know about you, but there is something about the middle of the winter that makes me interested in conferences. Maybe it’s the curiously cosy feeling of learning something new, and maybe it’s the need to spice up the wintry hibernation by meeting new people and familiarising myself with new solutions. Regardless of the reason, here I am – researching great trade shows and seriously rethinking my calendar.

One of the industries I’m interested in is construction, so I’ve spent some quality time with its trade shows and conferences – and hey, since I have the knowledge about the biggest and best construction trade shows in Poland, I might as well share it – maybe we’ll meet at one of those!

All of the shows mentioned below are there every year, so if you can’t make it in 2016, maybe 2017 will see you there. This list is by no means exhaustive, if you know a great trade show I haven’t mentioned, post it in the comments.

1. Budma

Poznań, 2017

Organised by Poznań International Fair, one of the biggest providers of trade shows in Europe, this trade show is the biggest construction industry meeting in Poland and, arguably, the best place to meet new prospects and network extensively.

With more than 1 000 manufacturers from over 60 countries, this trade show is bound to provide opportunities even for the pickiest guests – and, what’s important, it’s very English language-friendly! You can check out its site, they provide a lot of useful advice!


Toruń, 05-06 March 2016

This trade show focuses on various investment opportunities within construction industry, from public tenders to development offers. The site is in Polish, unfortunately, but drop me a line if you have any questions – either here or in the comments (this applies to the rest of the shows as well). If you’re planning to go, an interpreter might come in handy – I can also contact you with a trusted colleague if you’d like.

3. Silesia Building Expo

Sosnowiec, 01-03 April 2016

This is a great, somewhat eclectic trade show, which includes producers and buyers of woodwork, building materials, heating technologies, roofing, furniture, machines, vehicles, etc. It’s a little out of the way (still close to a large city, Katowice), but I believe it’s a hidden gem of investment opportunities, especially with views to networking with visitors from Czech Republic and Slovakia.

4. Building Solutions

Warsaw, 15-17 April 2016

Organised by Warsaw Expo, this English language-friendly trade show is one of the biggest in Poland. The visitors definitely benefit from the location (Polish capital city) and great transport. The many companies present great networking opportunities and, as an additional incentive, this year Building Solutions will host the STRONGMAN World Championships and an attempt to break the Guinness record in biggest barbecuing space!

5. 16 Construction and interior design trade show in Tychy

Tychy, 13-15 May 2016

This trade show (Tyskie Targi Budownictwa i Wyposażenia Wnętrz in Polish) focuses on modern technologies and building solutions as well as on furniture and interior design. This is another hidden gem which, I think, will provide its visitors with fantastic opportunities in investments, especially investments in interior design. Poland has some of the best (and cheapest) furniture around, just waiting for the right buyer!

Which trade show are you thinking about visiting?

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