Lesson 81: What can you do with leaflets promoting your translation services?

Lesson 81: What can you do with leaflets promoting your translation services?

With a new batch of my own leaflets being produced as I write, I wanted to make sure I make the most of them and share my ideas with you. I compiled this short list of seven potential opportunities where you can use brochures or leaflets promoting your translation services. If you have any other ideas, just leave a comment below!

Send out with hard copies of translations

Every now and then my clients request certified Polish translation which needs to be posted or delivered to them. If you put a brochure or leaflet in the envelope, for example explaining what other services you offer or what else you could do for them, your clients are likely to keep it or even use it to recommend you to others.

Take with you to interpreting assignments

I often interpret for businesses where my clients are hardly ever aware of what’s involved in working with an interpreter. Handing out a leaflet with basic dos and don’ts helps in educating the client and also ensures that our cooperation will run smoothly. And at the back of the leaflet, you can just place more information about you and your services.

Leave at a local shop

If, like me, you live in an area where many of your potential clients are located, try approaching local community hubs, such as shops or restaurants. In my area, there are a few Polish shops and restaurants which I’m going to visit soon. Don’t think that you’ll only meet B2C clients there. Business owners have to shop, too.

Take with you to client events

Leaflets and brochures are particularly useful in the B2B context at client events, such as conferences, exhibitions or trade fairs. If you’re planning to attend one of those, prepare some leaflets and brochures. Your prospects will definitely have some, too.

Bring to meetings

If you’ve been working on setting up a meeting with a potential client and you finally managed to get the date, make sure you bring some company materials with you, not just a business card. The B2B world has its own rules and coming prepared with brochures is one of them.

Talk to local authorities

Again, if you live in an area where your potential clients work or reside, consider introducing yourself to local authorities. Take a pile of leaflets with you and suggest leaving them in a visible place, so foreign language speakers will be able to notice them.

Bring to networking events

Because networking events are not the same as conferences or trade fairs, don’t hand out your leaflet the first thing. But if your interlocutor shows interest in what you’re doing, offer it then. Incidentally, this is what happened to me at a networking meeting not long ago when I was on the receiving end of it. It definitely made me remember the person I spoke with much more.

What other ideas do you have?

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