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Lesson 131: Paradoxes in a freelance translator’s career

As part of my recent presentation in Rotterdam, I did a small experiment and I applied some of my favourite social science approaches to a freelance translator’s career. We talked about paradoxes, wicked problems and messes. The translation profession is full of them, you can’t deny that! Our working definition for the talk, and how I invite you to see…

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Lesson 130: Managing non-translation projects for business development

Thank you for following this series on putting things into practice so closely! We’ve had some great discussions and it’s good to know you’re benefitting from this topic. I wanted to dedicate the last article in this series to managing non-translation projects, that is everything related to running our marketing, sales, business development or even day-to-day operations. Of course, we…

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Lesson 128: How to apply what you’ve learned at a translation conference?

Last weekend Csaba Ban hosted yet another BP conference, this time in Zagreb, Croatia. This independently organised translation conference attracted a pool of colleagues and speakers, and it was great to see so many new faces, too. I’ve been to a few conferences in the past three or four years. Usually I’m looking forward to the event, until the day…

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