Business School Course Graduates

Caterina Angela Dettori
English, Spanish and French to Italian translator
I am a former scientific researcher and a professional independent translator working from English, Spanish and French into my native… Read More
  • Scientific translation 100%
  • Tourism translation 90%
Kate Sotejeff-Wilson
Kate Sotejeff-Wilson
Translator and Editor
You want to publish in English, and you need a linguist who will get your meaning across perfectly. That means… Read More
  • Academic texts 95%
  • Medical texts 90%
Sarah Ziegler
Sarah Ziegler
English and French to German translator for IT and marketing
I specialise in IT and marketing translations, software/website localisation, e-learning and e-commerce. I have worked on numerous large projects for… Read More
  • Software/Website localisation 97%
  • E-Learning 97%
Virginia K
Virginia Katsimpiri
English | French | Greek Translation & Localization
English | French | Greek Translation & Localization Services Professional linguist and official translator specializing in Law, Finance & Business… Read More
  • Legal Translation 95%
  • Localisation 90%
Jane Ellis
Jane Ellis
French to English Translator
B Sc (Hons) Chemist with over eight years of pharmaceutical industry field experience plus five years of French to English… Read More
  • Medical and pharma translation 100%
  • Life sciences translation 100%
Jose Fernando
José Pedro Fernandes
English Portuguese Translator
After finishing my Master’s Degree in Psychology and upon realization of what kind of work was truly fulfilling, began constructing… Read More
  • Translation (Software, Psychology, Culture) 90%
  • Subtitling 80%
Bayan Taleb
Bayan Taleb
Independent English to Arabic translator
I am an independent English to Arabic translator and Arabic transcriber, a passionate researcher and a savvy reader. I have… Read More
  • Translation 100%
  • Transcription 100%
Agnès Hawthorne
Agnès Hawthorne
French English Translator
Qualified translator specialised in the translation of Running-related materials between French and English. I have been working with languages all… Read More
  • French Translator 90%
  • Proofreading 90%
Marga Burke - ITI Convention 2013
Marga Burke-Lowe
Medical Translator and Editor
Medical translator from French and Italian to English, and editor of non-native English writing. I run a small business with… Read More
  • Medical communications 95%
  • International development 80%
Katharine Mears
Katharine Mears
French and Spanish into English Translator
I am a professional translator based in St Albans in the UK. I translate from French and Spanish into English,… Read More
  • Translation 80%
  • Proofreading 20%
Angela Vallone
Angela Vallone
English-Spanish>Italian Translator
I am an English and Spanish into Italian Translator and Language Consultant specialising in Business, Marketing, Manufacturing, Food & Tourism… Read More
  • Marketing/business translations 95%
  • Tourism/Travel translations 75%
Angelique Moreau
Angélique Olivia Moreau
English Norwegian to French
Literary and technical translator with a strong background in literature. I provide translation (NO>FR and EN>FR) and copywriting services in… Read More
  • Literary translation 70%
  • Copywriting and technical translation 30%
Diona Moustri
English to Greek Translator
Trained translation professional and Greek native speaker specialising in medical/pharmaceutical, marketing and IT texts. Have also translated children’s literature, fantasy… Read More
  • English to Greek translation 100%
  • English to Greek proofreading 100%
Parvathi Pappu
Hindi Telugu Translator
A multi niche Hindi and Telugu translator and an English copywriter. Through my business website I offer premium Hindi… Read More
  • Hindi Telugu Translation 100%
  • English Copywriting and Content Writing 100%
Stefano Lodola
Stefano Lodola
Korean, Japanese, Chinese > Italian business translator
An engineer MBA for high-quality translations of business, marketing and technical documents from Korean, Japanese and Chinese into Italian. Read More
  • Business 60%
  • Technology 40%
Rui Sousa
Rui Sousa
English, Spanish and French to Portuguese Translator
Holding a degree in Translation Studies since 2006, Rui Sousa is a freelance translator working from English, French and Spanish… Read More
  • Marketing, Business and IT/Tech 95%
  • Project Management 95%
Rachel Campos
Rachel Campos
Freelance Translator
I offer well-written and exciting translations from Spanish and Portuguese, especially Brazilian Portuguese, into English. A lot of my work involves… Read More
  • Translation 80%
  • Transcription 20%
Clara Giampietro
English and Spanish into Italian Translator
Native Italian speaker, translator since 2004 for the automation, technology and architecture industries. Founder of Winged Translations. I am qualified… Read More
  • Italian translation 100%
  • Technical language 98%
Elena Roveglia
Elena Roveglia
Founder of Roveglia Language Services
Elena Roveglia is the founder of Roveglia Language Services and was brought up bilingually in English and Welsh in West… Read More
  • Translation 100%
  • Editing and proofreading 100%
Audrey Laporte
Audrey Laporte
English to French Translator
After several years as a teacher, I decided to create my solobusiness as an English to French translator and a… Read More
  • Translation 80%
  • Copywriting 20%
Anastasia Giagopoulou
English to Greek Translator
Professional translator (native Greek) based in Greece working in the technical and commercial field. Working language pair English into Greek.… Read More
  • English to Greek translation 100%
  • Business translation 100%
Serli Varjabetyan
English and Italian to Turkish Translator
My name is Serli Varjabetyan. Based near Canterbury in the UK, I am a Chartered Linguist translating marketing, technology and… Read More
  • Turkish translation 95%
  • Legal translation 95%
Cristina Demurtas
Italian interpreter and translator
I provide translation and interpreting services for Italian companies setting up new businesses in the UK and British companies branching… Read More
  • Interpreting 90%
  • Translation 90%
Stephanie Bauche
Stephanie Bauche
Professional Translator Spanish/English into French
I have worked in-house and on a freelance basis since 2000 in England, France and Australia. I translate from English/Spanish into… Read More
  • Translation into French 90%
  • Language project management 90%
Branco van der Werf
Bachelor of Translation
As a certified translator and copywriter specialising in all things commercial and creative, I provide international businesses copy that reels… Read More
  • Translation 100%
  • Transcreation 95%
Jessica Link
Jessica Link
Because effective communication matters: Since 2008 I have been helping people to get their message across in courts, meetings with… Read More
  • Legal translations 100%
  • Technical translations 95%
Kristina Thew
Kristina Thew
English <> Czech Translator & Proofreader
Czech translation professional with over five years’ experience, based in the UK. Specialising in legal translation: particular focus on family… Read More
  • Translation 80%
  • Proofreading 20%
Iolanda Casacuberta Cantons
Medical translator
A veterinary Surgeon since 1991, Iolanda Casacuberta worked as a vet for 18 years, 6 of them as a Small… Read More
  • Medical and Veterinary 50%
  • English and French 50%
C. Ng-Martin_translator
Claire Ng-Martin
Translator - Portuguese, French, Spanish into English
Translator within Health & Wellbeing, Business and Legal fields (Portuguese, French and Spanish into English). Previous projects include translation of… Read More
  • Portuguese, French, Spanish 95%
  • Health & Wellbeing, Business, Legal 95%
Luisa Kearney
Luisa Kearney
Bulgarian-English Translator and Proofreader
Luisa Kearney is a native English speaking Bulgarian to English translator and proofreader, trained in business management and image consultancy. … Read More
  • Bilingual Bulgarian-English 100%
  • Bicultural Bulgarian-English 100%
Aurélie Perrin
English to French Video Game Translator
French localizer working in the gaming industry, from in-game localization to eSport and communication. French lead translator and project manager… Read More
  • Video Game Localization 95%
  • Website Localization (+SEO) 92%
Ana Lourenço
Founder of Blossom Translations®
As a translator and manager of multi-lingual localisation projects for her clients, Ana Lourenço hels companies specifically in the fresh… Read More
  • Translator 100%
  • Project Manager 100%
Benjamin Thornton Barclay
Benjamin Thornton Barclay
Conference interpreter
English by name, Italian childhood (mamma mia!) in a German-speaking province, and a drop of Portuguese blood to keep things… Read More
  • Conference interpreting 100%
  • Creative translation 100%
David Miralles Pérez
David Miralles Pérez
English > Spanish translator
Spanish – English certified translator. Public Service and Conference interpreter. Founder of Circa Lingua. Strong linguistic and cultural knowledge. My… Read More
  • Spanish translation 95%
  • Spanish interpreting 85%
Thiago Araujo
Thiago Araujo
Game Loc and Word Wizard
I'm a PTBR Gamelocaliser who's worked with more than 80 game titles, either translating, editing, LQAing, or lately, managing a… Read More
  • Game Localisation 95%
  • Marketing translation 90%
Carla Davidson
Carla Davidson
Carla Davidson Translations
I have over 10 years’ experience in providing translations from Spanish, Portuguese and German into English. I also undertake interpreting… Read More
  • Translation 90%
  • Interpreting 80%
Ellen Marie Yutzy
Ellen Yutzy Glebe
German to English academic translator
PhD in Early Modern European History from the University of California-Berkeley; BA in German Studies and History from Guilford College;… Read More
  • Translation of academic texts 95%
  • Editing academic prose in English 95%
Louise Souter
French and Spanish into English Translator
I am an Associate Member of the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI) who has extensive experience translating and proofreading… Read More
  • French into English Translation 95%
  • Spanish into English Translation 95%
Florencia Castaño
English and French to Spanish translator
As a fully accomplished translator from English and French into Spanish, specialising in law, business and marketing, I help companies… Read More
  • Legal & business translation 70%
  • Marketing translation 30%
Victoria Fernández Armendáriz
English-Spanish translator
For more than 8 years, I've been translating websites and marketing material for companies and individuals who need a reliable… Read More
  • English to Spanish translation 95%
  • Spanish to English translation 90%
Marta Stelmaszak
Polish English Legal and Business Translator
Chartered Linguist in the United Kingdom, translation professional working in marketing, business and law translating into Polish with extensive training… Read More
  • Polish translation 95%
  • Business language 90%