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UK construction company

Polish workers and your UK construction company: why they love you and why they don’t

So you have a construction company in the UK - that’s great! Due to promised boost to infrastructure spending and increase in commercial building in cities (you can download the full report here) 2016 is bound to be a good year for growth. This all might mean hiring more, and even if it doesn’t, it definitely means looking at existing…

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How is Poland different: companies in the UK

If you’re a UK-based businessman worth your salt, you did a thorough research on companies in the UK before you started to operate yours. The information is readily available on many portals and it boils down to two main types (not counting the sole traders) – companies and partnerships. Not so when you want to explore your opportunities in other…

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Polish logistics

Polish logistics: how not to get very angry when travelling

This is for those, who’d like a good conversation opener with a Polish potential business partner: Polish people like to discuss Polish logistics, especially the state of their roads. You see, roads in Poland used to be abysmal (see here for proof), but over last 20 years there has been a definite effort towards improvement – and some people definitely think…

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Polish business partner

Meet your next Polish business partner at an event

With increasing interest and activity in the field of business networking, your Polish business partner may be within your reach even easier than before. Without a doubt, one-to-one conversations and meetings are the best way to gain a new client or supplier in the Polish culture. And there are plenty of opportunities. Just in the next 2 months, you can…

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